Drag-and-drop investing

Last month, I wrote that October was my fund contribution time. Well, I have pooled my fund and yet to invest them, mainly I was very busy on other things.

Hmmm… I wish investing could be as easy as drag-and-drop files in Windows (or any of your favourite graphical operating system). Imagine you have “Finance Explorer” with folders representing your bank accounts, investments (mutual funds, stocks, bonds), etc. To transfer money, just drag a bank folder to another one, enter password and amount in a pop-up dialog box, and voila – money transferred.

To buy a fund or stock, drag a bank folder to one of the investment folder, enter quantity, price, broker (check “set as default” if you want), password, and you have just made an investment. Heck, may be the transaction can go to the exchange directly and by-pass the broker. Oh, how about paying bill? Drag your bank folder to the folder that represents your phone service provider, again, enter amount, etc. etc., and your phone bill is paid.

The only missing feature is “Right-click > New > Money” 😉


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