One trade done, three to go.

In my September wrap-up, I said I would be making the first allocation to Europe and Japan, as well as top-up to REIT as per allocation plan. My plan is to buy the Europe ETF and REIT stocks first, and then put what is remain from the trades plus the allocation fund for Japan into a Japan unit trust fund.

To make the trading easy, I created a trading table containing the range of price and stock quantity to buy the Europe ETF and REIT stocks, given the fixed allocated fund. For the past two weeks, I have been placing buy orders every day according to the trading table, but usually at a price slightly lower than the bid price. Unfortunately, the market has been rising, so all of my orders were not filled. Finally, the Europe ETF (iShare DJ Stoxx 50) order was filled yesterday (Friday) because the European market was falling. I queued the price at GBX 2471 and it was filled GBX 2463, nice. The fall was due to declining US dollar and that’s all I knew from Yahoo Finance. Nah, I didn’t bother to dig deeper for the reason.

So now, three trades left to go: two for REIT stocks in SGX, one for a Japan unit trust fund. Hope to see some red in the Asian market next week, hehe…


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