New banner: raise the red lantern

Dear readers,

I have changed the blog banner to the picture below.


It is a technical analysis on the current market trend. As you can see, the current uptrend is represented by the red hanging clothes that fly from the bottom left to the upper right — the perfect eye candy every investor loves to see. The big red lantern that interrupts the trend line represents a correction. When? Nobody knows. If you trace the hanging clothes downward, you might recall that there is also another big red lantern at the bottom right of the picture. Yes, that hidden big red lantern represents the correction last May. But since investors are in a cozy mood now, I guess many won’t be able to recall that even if I show it. By the way, the name of this pattern, if you are interested, is called “Raise the Red Lantern (大红灯笼高高挂)”.

😐 😕 😐

OK, that was a joke. If you did buy it just now, then take a deep breath, and clear your mind of all those news and charts that you have been reading since “which stock did you buy recently?” has become everyone’s opening line in a conversation. The picture, taken in the Chinatown in Singapore, is simply to wish all readers a Happy Chinese New Year!!

PS: The old banner is archived below. It is sunrise over Mekong river taken in Don Khong, Laos.



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