ETF comics

Comics for SGX ETF advertisement (Click to view full image. JPG image, 200kB)

Nothing much in the Invest section on Sunday Times yesterday, but a humorous “green” advertisement caught my eyes. It was a SGX advertisement with comic strips to promote ETFs. The cartoon is familiar as the same comic style also appears in brochures and posters of many public campaign. The three comic strips try to show the advantages of ETF: low cost, trade anytime and diversified.

I hope more and more public awareness of ETF will help to increase the daily volume of ETFs in SGX and hence narrow the spread. On the other hand, the “guess the index” game in the advertisement only shows the punting mentality of many Asian investors. Ah well, more people punt the ETF, more daily volume too.

Find out more about ETFs listed in SGX at


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  1. The comic strips are now available (in colour!) at:

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