VTI trade done in 35 seconds

The market has been rising without fear since March, and I have not invested my fresh fund that was supposed to be invested in VTI in April. This is really bad. I should have just invested them in April and get on with my life.

The US market has been falling for the past few days (don’t ask me why). So last week, I said lets get this over and deposited the un-invested April fund plus the amount that I will be investing in October in VTI into my broker account.

Tonight, the price of VTI was hovering around 144.45. I wanted to place an order below 144.4, so should I bid at 144.35? Or 144.33? Oh yes, 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture, lets bid at 144.38! After placing the order, the price went down to 144.2. Thirty five seconds later, my order was filled. At first, I thought, aiya, should have bid lower. The difference is very small actually, just can’t help to feel that I have missed a bargain. 😛

Soon enough I feel relief because the trade is done now. I say good night to Wall Street and log out. 🙂


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