Investing made easy

In my last post “CPF changes and my portfolio“, I have two TODOs. One of it is to invest my CPF-SA money. To make it simple and stupid, I wrote down on a piece of paper, the amount to be invested and the date to invest (click the picture below to view).

Previously when I purchased fund, I would look at the price before and during the purchase, and this had caused some hesitation to make the purchase whatever the price was. And it was a waste of time.
So this time, with the help of this little piece of note and without checking the price, I logged in to the online fund portal, submit the purchase order and logout. A few days later, login again to record the unit and price bought into my spreadsheet. I have done this for the past two purchases and will continue to do so.

Oh yes, “Investing should be dull”. I should remind myself of this from time to time.


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