Consolidated my ETF holdings

Last month, as planned in my previous post, I transferred part of my ETF holdings to Saxo. My ETFs are now held in the accounts below.

  • DBS Vickers Securities
    • Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (US)
    • ABF Pan Asia Bond Index ETF (HK)
  • Saxo Capital Markets Singapore
    • iShares DJ STOXX 50 ETF (UK)
    • Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (US)
    • Vanguard Emerging Market ETF (US)

I will use Saxo for my subsequent ETF purchase. ETF in DBS Vickers Securities will remain as it is to save transfer fee.

How long did it take to complete the transfer? After I have authorized both parties (one for transfer-out, one for transfer-in), it took about ten working days. Remember to ask both parties for forms and instruction to authorize both parties to do the transfer. The transfer from optionsXpress to Saxo was delayed because I did not know I also need to inform the party who will do the transfer-out of shares.


10 responses to “Consolidated my ETF holdings

  1. Hi choozm,

    Do you realise that Saxo has many missing ETF? For example, ishares MSCI World ETF on LSE is missing. Also many ETNs like iPaths (from Baclays) are missing. It seem to me that it is not a full fledge stock brokerage company. I have the impression that it generates most of its revenue from CFDs, FXs and futures than plain vanila stock trading.

    Anyway I am using Saxo now. Plan to completely close my DBS Vickers account soon.

  2. Hi Wilfred,

    Yes, I know. I have checked to make sure the ETFs I want to own are available before I open the account. The trading software interface looks like err… aircraft cockpit (so cluttered!) that I have to reconfigured it to clean it up. It is really for active traders.

    By the way, the complete range of ETFs in Hong Kong Exchange is also not available in Saxo.

  3. Hi choozm, Wilfred
    One question that i cant seem to find the exact answer to as yet – how do you get around the US/UK estate tax? Or is there no solution?

  4. Hi choozm
    Wilfred just sent me this interesting potential solution to US estate duty called Portfolio bond. Are you using this? Would be great to know the mechanics.

  5. Hi Ashwin,

    The Portfolio solution posted above is discussed in sgfunds HERE. It has a link to the company that provides this solution. I am not qualified to use it because I am not an accredited investor (those who can invest $200,000 lump sum or own $2million net asset ).

    I plan to invest up to the US estate tax exemption limit. By that time, I plan to either switch to other ETFs listed in SGX or HK if there are, or continue using the same ETF and use term insurance (extra cost!) to cover the estate tax.


  6. I received an email from SAXO regarding a HKSE presentation this Sat at PanPac Hotel. I am interested in China ETF. Just wonder if SAXO already covers the followings:

    iShares MSCI China Tracker;
    Hang Seng FTSE /Xinhua China 25 Index ETF;
    iShare FTSE/Xinhua A50 China Tracker;
    WISE-CSI 300 China Tracker;

    Not sure if the expense ratios are high or not.

  7. AFAIK, Saxo does not offer ETF trading in HKSE. You can check Saxo ETF page for update.

  8. You are right. I planed to attend their presentation on HKSE lauch this Sat morning. Now I will give it a pass.

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