Making payment to FSM from Citibank

Making payment to Fundsupermart (FSM) from internet banking is easy, just select “iFast Financial” as the payee. For Citibank internet banking, iFast is not in the payee list, so I need to pay by electronic cheque.

However, the text box is not long enough to type in the payee “iFAST Financial-Client Trust Account” (!). Citibank said this is a system limitation, so I ask FSM for a shorter payee name and it is “iFAST Financial-Client Trust Acc“. Below is the information for setting up cheque payment to FSM.

Remember to enter your FSM account no. in the Message box when making payment.

Address Line 1: 20 RAFFLES PLACE
Address Line 2: #10-03 OCEAN TOWERS
Address Line 3: SINGAPORE
Address Line 4: 048620
Payment Method: Paid by check


2 responses to “Making payment to FSM from Citibank

  1. Payment via Citibank e-cheque can be very slow. It once took them three days to process my online request before they mail the cheque. 😦

  2. I also experience slow payment sometimes. For payment to FSM, slow payment is not a problem. For urgent payment, I won’t use it.

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