iShares MSCI Europe ETF in LSE

iShares MSCI Europe ETF (ticker: IMEU) has been listed in the London Stock Exchange (LSE) for slightly more than one year already. It offers broader market coverage than the iShares DJ STOXX 50 ETF (ticker: EUN) I use to cover European stock market. I am considering IMEU as a replacement for EUN.

iShares DJ STOXX 50 (EUN) iShares MSCI Europe (IMEU)
Expense Ratio 0.35% 0.35%
Fund Size EUR 771,590,000 EUR 82,674,000
No. of Holdings 51 394
Tracking Error (1yr) 0.23% 0.11%
Premium/Discount ? ?
Bid-Ask Spread ? ?
Buy/Sell Volume ? ?

Data taken from on 09 September 2008.

IMEU fund size is reasonable and tracking error is better than EUN. To examine its trading feasibility, I will need to track its premium/discount, bid-ask spread and buy/sell volume over a couple of weeks.


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