Portfolio activity, October 2008

This post is way overdue, but just to update my portfolio activity for the regular fund purchase in October. I topped up the followings according to my asset allocation plan:

  • Europe — iShares MSCI Europe ETF
  • Asia Pacific Ex Japan — Lyxor Asia Pacific Ex Japan ETF
  • REIT  — REIT stocks in SGX
  • SG fixed income — SGS bond ladder (partial)

I bought 4-year and 6-year SGS bonds from Fundsupermart, and 5-year SGS bond from primary auction. So the bond ladder is 50% complete. I will hold these SGS till maturity and add 5- or 6- year SGS bond in the future to complete the bond ladder.

The fund purchase was done in late September/early October. It brought my asset allocation to the target 75/25 but it didn’t stay for long (which is normal). The fnancial crisis that followed brought the equity allocation down and it hovers around 65% since then. I thought may be I would do an early top up in January next year, before the next scheduled one in April. But, nah, I think I will be too lazy to do it. Back to my life…


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