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An individual investor who does not have the passion for investing… the “do” part, not the “learn” part 🙂

He started investing in 2000 in “hot” funds and individual stocks without any asset allocation plan and guidelines. Of course most of them went sour. At the end of 2004, he was introduced the concepts of passive investing, costs matter, diversification and asset allocation. Since then, he started to restructure his portfolio and aligned it with the 3 Principles of the Coffeehouse Investor. Hence the name the Mamak Stall Investor.

He can be contacted by email: mamakstallinvestor<at>gmail<dot>com

About this blog

Build wealth, ignore Wall Street and get on with my life… and enjoy my cup of Teh Tarik!

Since the Mamak Stall Investor is a passive investor, this is quite a boring blog (be warned). No tips, no charts, no market update, no stock research. And if you get excited by reading words like bullish and bearish, surge and plunge, long and short, head and shoulder, well… neither does this blog have them!

Instead, this site is a repository of useful information for the Mamak Stall Investor. He will post links to articles and useful tools. He hopes to write about his experience in building and maintaining his portfolio too, if he gets the time.

Enjoy your stay. And stay the course. 😉


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