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Portfolio activity, May 2010

The latest portfolio activity happened in May. It was scheduled in April but was postponed due to travelling in overseas.

According to my asset allocation plan, I needed to top up US asset class. But after allocating the required amount from my fresh fund to the US asset class, there was some, but not much, surplus left. I could allocate this surplus to the asset class that almost reached the bottom threshold of its allocation, which was Asia Pacific ex Japan.

In the end, I topped up only the US asset class with all the fresh fund to save time and commission, since the top up of Asia Pacific ex Japan by the relatively small surplus did not change much the allocation of all asset classes.


Portfolio activity, April-July 2009

Just to update my regular fund purchase in April. The asset allocation plan in April indicated top up required for asset classes:

  1. US
  2. Asia Pacific Ex Japan
  3. REIT

I have only bought REIT in April, while I was preparing for the funds for the rest. When the fund was ready, it was July and the asset allocation had changed due to the rise in Asian stock markets. The asset classes to top up in July was US equity only, for which I bought Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI).

As of 7-September-2009, my portfolio allocation is shown below.

Current Target
Equity 67% 75%
US 23% 25%
EU 14% 20%
JP 4% 5%
APEJ 8% 10%
SG 4% 5%
REIT 14% 10%
Fixed Income 33% 25%
Global 7% 10%
Asia 6% 5%
SG 13% 10%
Cash 7% 0%

The next regular fund purchase is in October. The 7% cash shown above is the savings for this coming purchase.