Are you having fun investing?

The following quote is taken from Larry Swedroe’s article titled Mad Money on

If you’re having fun investing, then there’s a good chance that you’re not properly diversified, you’re trading too much, and you’re taking too much risk.

—Gregory Baer and Gary Gensler, The Great Mutual Fund Trap

Well, I am not having fun investing. In fact, it has become a chore now as I have not completed my planned trades. Moreover, for the two trades done: one has extra charge not mentioned on the broker web site. I am dealing with the broker to resolve this. The other one is my foolish mistake. I queued in the odd-lot market when there was no seller, and some prankster sold me 5 shares that cost less than the brokerage fee.

On the other hand, I am glad that I am not having fun investing, hehe…


4 responses to “Are you having fun investing?

  1. Is there a “AON” (all or nothing) qualifier in the trading system in Singapore?

  2. Yup, there is AON for odd-lot market, but it must be filled immediately with ready seller/buyer in queue, or it will be voided immediately. How does AON work in the US?

  3. What you mentioned is known as “FOK” (fill-or-kill) in the U.S.

    An AON order in the U.S. need not be filled immediately — it will be queued until someone comes along to buy or sell the specified number of shares at the specified price (or better). The usual “day” or GTC expiration applies.

  4. I initially thought of the “AON” in Singapore odd-lot market same as the AON in the U.S.

    Th trading system in Singapore is quite backward. The 1000-share lot size (as opposed to 1 share) and the lack of GTC/GTD (only one broker has that AFAIK) are two examples.

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